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arroz con pollo

bbq ribs

beef bourgignon

garlic chicken

philippino pork & noodles

pork chops normandy


sweet & sour pork

peach melba

lemon cookies

spaghetti bolognese




the bachelor's cookbook is the result of several years of ongoing accident. it began when i got a job working telephone sales in a sheep pen environment with eight other guys. the married men were being supported in times of lean commissions by working wives, which left them providing "mr. mom" services during the week. the pleas became deafening that i supply them with some sort of dinner recipes that were simple, quick, tasty, and salesman proof.

quite a challenge.

the first few efforts were a resounding success and, over the course of 3 years, this collection grew. the parameters remained the same, however. every recipe had to be salesman tested and mother approved. bachelor friends, voicing the same entreaties, were given copies and their approbation fueled the project.

the result is this cookbook which, with divine intervention, may someday be actually published. for the time being i have posted the project online and continue to add recipes as the spirit moves me.


how it works

ingredients should be gathered and prepared ahead of time. organization is most critical to maintaining the consistency of the final product, plus it makes the cooking process a lot simpler.

if applicable, each recipe has a section at the bottom for variations, special instructions, translations, and miscellaneous notes. many of these have been incorporated into a tips 'n' tricks page.

you can create a hard copy of each recipe by clicking on the "print" button in your browser. to make sure that everything is readable, you will need to set your browser options to not print backgrounds.


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